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Five ways to help your car in the bitter cold

It was 14 degrees F at New Concept Auto Service when I unlocked the doors this morning. Although some might not consider that bitter cold, here in Overland Park, Kansas, I think it qualifies! Here are some tips to help ensure your car will start for your frigid morning commute: Fill your tank. Stick with regular grade fuel and make sure your engine has a good tune-up. Premium fuel is a good product and I use it in some of my personal cars. However, it has no specific benefit for cold starting. Premium fuel has a higher octane rating. Higher octane fuel creates less pre-ignition or pinging in the engine especially during hot weather. Unless your car specifically calls for premium fuel, just use regular in the cold weather. Also, ethanol works well in cold weather. Gas stations, especially in metropolitan areas, contain up to 10 percent ethanol as mandated by the EPA. Check the pump and if you have a choice, use the 10 percent ethanol in the cold weather. (E85 gas pumps ... read more


Cold Weather

Taking recycling seriously

Taking recycling seriously

It’s been great to see Overland Park and surrounding communities get serious about recycling over the last few years. Besides the handy curbside pickup, you can’t help but notice the bins for glass and paper recycling popping up in many parking lots. There are even bins for donating used clothes and household goods for reuse. As an engineer, I was taught to be efficient with our limited resources and respect Mother Nature, so we have long been good stewards of the environment. You may have noticed our “Excellence in Environmental Management” award from Quaker State Oil hanging in our Overland Park auto service lobby. That was awarded to us through Kansas State University in recognition of dedication to protecting the environment. In addition to properly disposing of all fluids, our employees are meticulous about sorting materials into several different trash cans. We also feel pretty good about donating scrap metal. According to the Automotive Recyclers Association, rec ... read more

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