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Is your classic ready to hit the road?

Is your classic ready to hit the road?

Although I heard the mention of snow in the Overland Park forecast for next week, I’m going out on a limb and guessing you are more than ready to get your classic car prepped for warm weather driving. There is more to it than removing the tarp and checking the oil! First, do a visual inspection. Walk around the car checking for anything amiss, like leaking fluids. Check under the hood for popped connectors or hoses because this may indicate damage caused by frozen water. Look for cracks or even hoses that are too hard. Be sure to remove any rodent blockers you cleverly installed last fall like paper towels stuffed in the exhaust pipe. You don’t want the mice to have the last laugh when you forget to remove that! Take a good look at your tires. Check for wear—it may be time for an alignment. Also look for dry rot and foreign objects which may have lodged in the tire over the course of the winter. Top off to the correct PSI and make sure the spare is ready to use! While you ... read more


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