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Why Maintaining Your European Vehicle Is Important

If you own a car, specifically a premium, high-quality European vehicle, you want to maintain all its critical components so that they can run for many years to come. To have a long-lasting vehicle, make sure you perform regular maintenance on your car, SUV, or truck.


Most maintenance for European vehicles is the same as any other car. Auto maintenance can be broken down into two categories: preventative maintenance and factory scheduled maintenance. However, some of the maintenance items overlap.


Preventative maintenance is a term used for inspections and other services to protect against potential failures in the future. When you perform preventative maintenance on your European vehicle, you are being attentive and proactive towards protecting your car’s vital systems. An example of preventative may include checking your tire pressure and having your fluids topped off before a road trip


Factory scheduled maintenance is a schedule with a list of items created by your vehicle’s manufacturers. They are outlined and recommended for vehicle owners to perform at certain intervals. These include items like spark plugs, timing belts, and filters.


When you have both preventative and factory-scheduled maintenance performed on your car, you can avoid a great deal of damage and costly repairs down the line. The bottom line is that oil changes, fluid flushes, and inspections cost way less than having to pay for engine repairs.


European vehicles are a significant investment. To get a bang for your buck, take care of your European car so it can take care of you. If you’re looking for reliable European vehicle maintenance or repairs in Overland Park, KS and Shawnee, KS, please call or visit the experts at New Concept Auto Service today.