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Why Is The Spare Tire So Small?

Today is your lucky day; you randomly got a flat tire. As you swallow down the sarcasm and pop the trunk, you notice that the spare tire is much smaller than the regular tire. While a few vehicles may come with a full-size spare tire, most come with a thin, fragile tire popularly called a ‘donut.’ In hindsight, this has left many drivers wondering: why is the spare tire so much smaller than the regular tires? 

Since the spare tires are small, it maximizes trunk space. The spares have a shallow tread with a narrow width and small diameter. The lighter material for the spare tire also makes it easy to lift and install onto the vehicle. 

Small spare tires keep the weight of the vehicle down. If a spare tire were the size of a regular tire, it would add additional weight to the car. Any extra weight added can cause reduced fuel efficiency. 

The spare is small because it’s a temporary fix. Most spares are good for about 100 miles driven under 50mph. The spare tire is intended to get you to the next destination so you can replace it with a full-sized tire. 

Small spares are created to fit the vehicle that it comes with. The small size is also cheaper for the original manufacturer to make. It’s a cost-effective production cost and keeps the actual price of the vehicle down.  

A bad tire can lead to a significant impact on handling and alignment. The spare tire is a temporary fix until a regular tire is installed. All tire blowouts are not predictable, but your tires can last several years with proper tire maintenance. For the best tire service and maintenance in Overland Park, KS - New Concept Auto Service has the industry experts ready to help. Our automotive technicians are tire enthusiasts who’d be happy to answer questions you may have.