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Why Is My Jaguar Vehicle Vibrating Every Time I Brake?

If you are experiencing vibrations with your Jaguar every time you engage the brakes, this phenomenon is called brake shuddering. It can occur through the brake pedal and up to your steering wheel. Most of the time, this feeling is caused by excess friction in disc braking systems. Read on to learn more about how brake shudders occur and common culprits.

Is There a Difference Between Brakes and Steering Wheel Vibrations?

Brake shudders occur at higher speeds over low speeds. The vibrations can also range from minor to severe, depending on the nature of the problem. More importantly, you should never ignore this phenomenon if it occurs to you. When the vibrations are focused on the steering wheel, it can point to your front brakes. Whereas vibrations on the pedal, means it may be occurring in the rear brakes.

3 Common Explanations for Brake Shuddering in Jaguars

  • Uneven Rotors

Constant braking and being too hard are bad habits that can lead to uneven and warped brake rotors. When brake components wear unevenly, only several portions of your Jaguar’s brake pads touch the rotors. There, the vibration is created.  

  • Worn Out Brake Pads

Old and overworn brake pads can also be the culprit behind your brake shuddering. If your brake pedals feel squishy on top of the vibrations, make sure your mechanic checks both the brake pads and brake pedal mechanism.

  • Poor Wheel Misalignment

Poor wheel alignment isn’t just bad for your tires, but they can also harm your brakes. When your tire alignment is bad enough, it can cause the suspension to shudder and make your Jaguar vibrate. So if your car shudders, don’t rule these two areas out either. 


At New Concept Auto Service, we’ve found accurate solutions for car vibration for many drivers. Our team is experienced and skilled to fix any brake shuddering problem. We can provide affordable and effective recommendations so that your car can return back to the road safely. 

If your Jaguar vehicle requires maintenance or repairs, look no further than the experts at New Concept Auto Service. Please call or visit our shop today!