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Why Is My BMW Running Rough?

BMWs are well known for their luxury, performance, and stamina, making them stand out. That is why it may be unusual for you to experience performance issues such as rough running in a bimmer. Whenever you experience this, it's time to bring your vehicle to the right BMW auto shop to diagnose it properly. Engine stalling and rough running can be bothersome, especially in times of emergency or whenever you're in the middle of traffic. Finding the exemplary BMW repair service is essential.


Common Causes of Rough Running in a BMW

There can be numerous causes for why your automobile's performance is slowly degenerating. Here are some common reasons why your vehicle is rough running:

  • Spark Plug Failure. BMWs are reliant on high-quality spark plugs. A spark plug is an integral part of the ignition process. Older BMW models are at higher risk of spark plug failure or degradation, so it is imperative to have them monitored.
  • Weak Tires.The most common cause of a BMW running rough is tire deficiency. Running around with tires in poor condition can lower your fuel efficiency. Tire problems include misalignment, unbalanced wheels, low tire pressure, and low tire tread. They can all affect your car's performance.
  • Fuel Injector Problems.If your fuel is not diffused evenly to the combustion chamber on time, it can cause engine stalling, such as rough running, misfiring, and poor acceleration. Fuel injector problems can be classified as dirty, clogged, and faulty. 
  • Electrical Problems. Newer cars have an electrical system to manage almost the entire performance of your vehicle. If the wires connecting through the system are damaged in any way, it can cause your vehicle's performance to go down.

Regular Maintenance for Your BMW

Proper care of your BMW takes discipline, time, and funds. However, ignoring maintenance for your car can result in heftier expenses. Giving your vehicle a routine maintenance schedule does more than bringing in your car whenever a problem arises. Preventative maintenance is the way to preserve your BMW's longevity and keep it running for years to come. Please give us a call or visit New Concepts Auto Service today!




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