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Why Does My Car Keep Stalling?

Any seasoned car owner knows that somewhere down the line of owning a vehicle, there's a certainty that problems will arise. Sometimes it doesn't matter how well you maintain your vehicle, service it, or have qualified mechanics take a look at everything. Eventually, luck isn't going to go your way. A very common problem with a multitude of causes is a vehicle that stalls relentlessly.

This can be a very frustrating (not to mention dangerous) issue, as we always want our vehicles to stay consistently reliable. Unfortunately, life is always going to be throwing a few curve balls our way. So why is your car stalling? Well, there are three main causes.

1. Not Getting Enough Fuel

If your car's fuel filter clogs then it can lead to your vehicle stalling out repeatedly, or just not starting at all. This occurs when debris, dirt, or other things get themselves jammed into your car's fuel filter, which rests in your fuel line and ensures fuel gets to its intended location safely and cleanly. However, every couple of years a fuel filter needs to be replaced, as they're eventually going to clog up and crap out. If your vehicle has begun stalling as of late, this could be the culprit.

2. Lacking Power

If your car's battery or alternator starts malfunctioning, it can lead to your vehicle stalling out or again, just not starting. If you've noticed an increasing need to jump start your vehicle, it could mean either your battery isn't holding a charge, or your alternator isn't generating enough power to keep things running. In either case, this will result in stalls and failed starts.

3. No Air, More Problems

Similar to power, a car needs air to function! That is, cars with internal combustion engines need air to function. If things are cramped below the hood due to dirt, debris, or other clogging substances, then your engine will suffer and stall out as a result.

If your car has been stalling as of late and you're not sure why, come by with your vehicle to have us look at it! We'd love to help you out.