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When to Change The Spark Plugs In Your Porsche

Your Porsche is known for being luxurious, sleek, and sophisticated. Such a suave and tech-driven vehicle requires the best handling and care, which means Porsche owners need to be on top of their spark plug replacements.


To keep your vehicle operating at its finest, it’s crucial to keep your car’s spark plugs in good condition. In any vehicle, spark plugs have a very important responsibility. Spark plugs give the necessary spark to ignite and start the combustion process. Without healthy spark plugs, your car would have difficult starts or not be able to start at all. Knowing when to have them replaced is key to ensuring you don't run into this major inconvenience.



Your car may exemplify some warning signs before you take your Porsche to a trusted technician.

  • If you notice an increase in fuel consumption, this might be a sign your spark plugs are on the brink of failing.
  • Porsches are known for their fast and seamless acceleration, but faulty spark plugs may slow down or cause a lag in your acceleration
  • If your Porsche is idling roughly, or you notice unusual noises coming from under the hood, these are also signs you need your spark plugs checked.
  • Lastly, engine misfires are an obvious sign that your spark plugs are the problem. 
  • The checkengine light may also come on in combination with the above engine-related issues. 

If you are a proud Porsche owner, you should be keeping up-to-date on your vehicle's maintenance schedule to prevent issues from arising such as spark plug failures. Failing to recognize faulty spark plugs can eventually lead to engine damage. 


Don't put off your spark plug replacement or vehicle maintenance any longer by taking your Porsche to New Concept Auto Service in Overland Park, KS. We look forward to seeing you soon!