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What Is Stopping My BMW From Starting?

We’ve all had the same frustration of not being able to start our BMW before. It usually happens at the worst times, like when you need to be at work or school. Most of the time, starting problems result from a worn-out or dead battery or failing alternator. Typically, you will need a professional’s knowledge and expertise to narrow it down between the two.

The battery and alternator are two components that are a part of every BMW’s electrical system. Most people are familiar with what a vehicle battery looks like. It is responsible for holding electrical energy to start your car. The alternator is the part that recharges your car battery while the engine is on. It is responsible for powering many vehicle electronic accessories.

Loose or corroded connections usually cause a dead battery. You can always try jumpstarting the battery, but if it continues to die, you’re better off letting it go. If your battery is damaged or deteriorated, then the best solution would be to replace it. However, it is important to note that a bad alternator can also cause a dead battery. 

To tell if the problem is your alternator, you should look for dim headlights, issues with your sound system, and vehicle stalling. Eventually, the battery will be affected and be drained. You may also hear squealing noises coming from under the hood. 

Whereas, if your battery is 5 years old or more and has physical signs that indicate it is dying, like corrosion or case damage, please replace your BMW’s battery soon. With a dead battery, you won’t be able to start your vehicle at all.

All in all, it is best to be sure of the problem by taking your BMW to our auto repair shop for diagnosis. Our technicians will test your battery, alternator, and more to determine the root cause of the problem. If you need a battery or alternator repair, please stop by New Concept Auto Service today