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What Happens When Your Tires Are Underinflated?

So, you are all ready to go to work when you notice that one of your car tires stands a little lower than usual. Of course, this does not look like such a serious case, and you might be tempted to ignore and take care of it "later." All the same, driving with inflated tires can cause significant problems in your car and is also downright dangerous to you, your passengers, and other road users. When your car tire is underinflated, a more significant part of its surface comes into contact with the road, increasing friction. Consequently, the tires tend to overheat, causing tread separation, premature and even wear, and blowouts.

Most car manufactures recommend that you take your vehicle in for a routine air pressure check at least once a month. However, most drivers tend to ignore this until the tire pressure appears low. Please note that your tires can lose much pressure and appear fully inflated to your eyes.

If you want to determine your tire pressure, check out your tire placard or vehicle manual. You can find these documents on the driver's door, the gas-filled door, or at the glove compartment door. Once you understand you understand your car pressure recommendations, get yourself a quality pressure gauge and use it to check your tires at least once a month. Alternatively, you can drop your car at an auto repair shop every once a month for tire inspection and, if need be, inflation.

Common Symptoms of Under Inflation

  • The TPMS light will illuminate the dashboard as a warning when your car tire pressure is too low
  • Reduced steering and handling abilities.
  • Weird flapping noises when driving as the poorly inflated tire hits the road surface.
  • It increases rolling resistance and consequently reduces fuel economy
  • Your car takes unusually long to stop.

Your tires are the most integral safety features of your car. That said, maintaining them in their best shape is the only way to allow your vehicle to deliver the safety, fuel economy, and handling ability as it was initially designed. If you need tire services and repair, visit or auto repair shop today and let us get you back on the road quickly and safely.