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What Does the Color of My Volkswagen's Exhaust Smoke Mean?

It is typically normal to see some exhaust smoke coming from out of your Volkwagen's tailpipe when it is cold outside. But even during the winter, there are certain tones of exhaust smoke that could spell a catastrophe. If you are concerned about the exhaust smoke coming from your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact the New Concept Auto Service experts. 

What Do Exhaust Smoke Colors Mean?

  • Black Exhaust Smoke - Dense black clouds of smoke spilling from your Volkswagen can look scary. Whenever you see black smoke, it is a warning that your car is burning excess fuel. You might also notice a hit in your fuel economy. Leaving this problem unresolved can likely lead to more extensive engine damage, so you should have your vehicle examined right away.
  • White Exhaust Smoke - The most common explanation for white exhaust smoke is a coolant leak. Usually, it means that coolant fluid has escaped into the combustion chamber or the cylinders and has been burned by the engine. This puts your engine at risk of overheating, which is why you should treat this problem ASAP.
  • Blue Exhaust Smoke -  When motor oil leaks into your engine and burns, it will produce blue exhaust smoke. If you have an oil leak, it means that your engine will lack the lubrication it needs. Consequently, it will increase the rate of wear and tear and lead to engine repairs. If you see blue smoke, please get your car to the shop as soon as you can.

Anytime you suspect a potential problem with your Volkswagen, it's best to have it looked at by a professional. It'll put your mind at ease, nonetheless. You can count on New Concept Auto Service for the job! Please call us at (913) 225-8488 if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to your vehicle.