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What Can Happen If You Let Your Car Sit Too Long?

Keeping your car in the best shape you possibly can is always something important that you want to strive to do. Doing certain maintenance things with your car is always essential. There are a lot of great upkeep principles that can help, but there are some things that you may be doing that may not be best for your car. One of these things can include having your car sit for too long of a period.

It may sound strange to hear, but it is a cars job to drive. There are some things that can happen if you allow your car to sit for a long period of time without allowing it to do the job that it has been designed to do.

  • Flat Tires: One of the first issues you may notice is one or more tires may become flat. This may be the most recognizable sign that your car has been sitting too long. When you do not use your car, the tires will lose air. They may also have flat spots develop that can affect the quality of the ride you experience in the car. Tires can also wear away due to the elements they encounter while sitting.
  • Dead Battery: Your car needs to run on a regular basis for the batter to charge properly. Once it is sitting for a while without running the battery will lose its charge and can go bad a lot sooner than normal.
  • Bad/Leaking Fluids: Gasoline, power steering fluids, transmission fluid, and motor oil can all be affected negatively if your car is sitting too long. Moisture from the elements can accumulate over time and may cause corrosion in areas; hoses and gaskets can dry out, fail, or weaken over time causing fluids to leak out.

When you let your car sit for extended periods of time you not only allow the exterior to age prematurely, but you may also cause other issues internally that you will not be aware of - do not let that happen. If you need vehicle maintenance performed, give our auto repair shop a call today!