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What are the Symptoms of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

Your fuel injectors are interconnected with your car's fuel pump and filter to provide the exact amount of fuel and air for your engine. Gasoline is delivered through the fuel pump and brought directly to the injector. From there, the gas is sprayed into an intake manifold, where it mixes with the air for balance. This air-fuel mixture is successfully compressed inside the combustion chamber, which creates the energy your engine needs to power the motor.

However, fuel injectors can collect dirt, soot, and grime over time, which means that getting them cleaned is the solution to your woes. There are a few signs of trouble you might notice, one of which is when your engine misfires. This happens when vibrations are sent throughout your car to the point when it begins to shake. This is because the balance between air and fuel has been disrupted by the injector, and once it enters the engine, it gets noticed through shaking and vibrating.

Vehicles that shake or sputter during traffic stops may also be showing signs of dirty fuel injectors. In some cases, rough idling may be an issue, and your engine could stall in more severe cases. Your gas mileage may plummet to the point where you find yourself stopping for a fill up more frequently than you used to. In either case, having your fuel injectors inspected and cleaned is the solution for your woes.

There are instances when engine failure happens due to dirty or clogged injectors. In some cases, your car simply will not start. In this case, your injectors could be so clogged that they simply are unable to deliver fuel into the cylinders. A simple cleaning should be the solution.

RPM needles that move unpredictably to the point where an accurate speed cannot be detected can have origins in unclean fuel injectors. If the needle indicates a greater speed without acceleration, this could be a sign of trouble as well.

Noticing the above signs can be frustrating and stressful for motorists. However, they can be easily fixed. All you need to do is simply give our shop a call today!