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What Are the Different Types of Dashboard Warning Lights in BMWs?

When a warning indicator pops up on your BMW's dash, it most likely means that there's something wrong with your car. While you can refer to your owner's manual for more details, we've gathered a quick guide on how to understand these dashboard lights.


Airbag System  (Figure seat-belted with a circle or dot)

It means the tensioners and/or airbag system has failed or detected an error.

Check Engine (Engine block)

​You are experiencing engine misfires, and you should have the system inspected shortly.

ABS (Circle with "ABS" in the middle)

Your anti-lock brake system is inactive. Thankfully, you can continue driving cautiously, especially on wet or slippery surfaces.

Steering System (Steering wheel with an exclamation point)

When this light comes on, you should turn the wheel all the way, both left and right, to test your steering wheel. If the light remains, it most likely means you have a power steering problem.

Oil Pressure (Traditional oil can)

This means that your oil pressure has significantly dropped, and you most likely need an oil change soon. Please pull over or make your way to an auto repair shop ASAP.

Engine Too Hot or Overheating (Thermometer dipped in fluid)

When you see this, please bring your car to a stop and turn off the engine to cool it down. If there is excess smoke coming out of the hood, please call a trusted BMW repair shop.

Brake Fluid (Circle with an exclamation point in the middle)

If this light is red, it means you're running with too little brake fluid. Please have your brake fluid topped off and inspected as soon as you can.


This light usually means one or more of your electrical components have been compromised. You may experience problems starting your car soon, if not already. 

These are just several of the important warning indicators that your BMW may display. Some of these problems are moderate to severe; regardless, you should take your car to a trusted BMW auto service shop soon to avoid further damages. 

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