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The passion behind our service

It is the goal of New Concept Auto Service to keep our customers’ cars safe and reliable. We do this through scheduled maintenance and needed repairs, using high quality parts and certified technicians.

I have always known what I wanted to do in life, and that was to learn everything I could about how things worked. I grew up in WaKeeney, Kansas, halfway to Denver on I-70. My parents owned a farm implement dealership, which is where I discovered my interest in all things mechanical and electrical. Fascinated, I honed my skills building and rebuilding all kinds of vehicles including racecars and classic cars. I had a great mentor named Kenny Hacker who owned a performance speed shop in town and build racecar engines as well as rebuilding most anything farm related. I became a skilled machinist by the age of 18, building many race-winning engines.

I graduated from K-State in 1987 (go Cats) with a degree in mechanical engineering and landed a job working for Westinghouse Electric in the power generation industry. I basically traveled the U.S. working at coal, gas and nuclear fired power plants. There I helped re-engineer and rebuild large rotating equipment — the stuff that keeps your lights on. After years of extensive traveling, I moved on to Black and Veatch here in Kansas City where I helped design these same power plants, as well as hydro-electric plants on a much larger scale.

I began to recognize my desire to be more involved with the people and management-end of business, but with more control on a smaller scale where I felt like I really made a difference. Years later after going through a large corporate layoff, I took the opportunity to do what I always loved — working on cars and dealing with people. This turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I started my auto repair business in a two-car garage at my house, and became certified as a Master Technician L-1. My first customer was my neighbor Larry, who needed the engine rebuilt in his Jeep. He asked if I knew how to do it. I said absolutely, and Rupp Auto Service was established in 1994. I quickly outgrew my garage and purchased New Concept Auto Service in the fall of 1997, where I am today. NCAS started in 1986, so this year we celebrate our 26th year.

We offer the basic scheduled maintenance and repair of all makes and models of cars and light trucks. We also perform mechanical and custom electrical work on all sorts of classic cars, which is a personal favorite of mine. Our shop has been AAA approved since 1986 and we have a consistent, nearly 100 percent satisfaction rating. We are also an ASE Blue Seal Shop which shows our dedication to training and professionalism toward our customers.

We likely have the best recordkeeping of any shop I know, which comes from my desire for accuracy and efficiency. We have a two-year, 24,000-mile warranty — above the industry standard. Our quality of parts and service allow this.

At NCAS we do everything from oil changes, tires, brakes, batteries, fluid flushes, and tune-ups all the way to complex diagnosis — another personal favorite. We can get you in and out quickly or you can take one of our free loaner cars with an appointment. You can always talk to me, the owner. I am in the shop most of the time.

I feel one of our best features is our follow-up system. Once your car has been to our shop for a visit we remind you with a friendly email or postcard about an upcoming service your car is due for. An example would be a battery replacement. We know most batteries last four to five years, so four years later we send you a notice saying, “Your battery is four years old and will likely wear out this year.” As a result, we rarely have a regular customer towed in or requiring a jump-start. I just want my customers not to worry about the reliability of their cars.

I just love what I do, and feel blessed to have an unwavering passion. I keep building and refining this passion on what I have learned over the years. Do I go a little overboard with my commitment to service and quality? Maybe, but I’m OK with it. Everybody needs to get from place to place, so I feel my contribution in life is to help them get there safely and reliably.

The original Rupp Auto Service as it looks today. We’ve certainly come a long way!

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