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Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

With summer approaching, your vehicle will have a list of needs to be met. There are preventive maintenance tasks and safety inspections to consider for the spring. There is a list of recommendations that can help you get your car ready for the warmer weather months and send you on your way to summer.

One routine maintenance task to consider is getting your oil changed. Changes in the weather, for better or for worse, typically require your vehicle to use more oil than usual just to keep the engine running smoothly. Your motor oil is responsible for making sure that all parts of your engine are clean and running smoothly, so getting it changed right along with the air filter is vital to extending the life of your vehicle.

Another good task to take care of during spring auto maintenance is to have your tires checked by your mechanic. There are many reasons for this. One is that the tread on your tires will get worn, especially if you've been driving on icy roads or plowing through snow. Plus, your tires can lose one to two pounds of air pressure per day during the colder months. This is especially true when temperatures drop, so this is the very reason to have your mechanic check their psi and top off the air when needed.

Heat can cause a fluid leak in your battery, which makes summertime the number one cause of battery failure in cars. Getting it replaced may be necessary if you have trouble starting your car or have a sudden vehicle breakdown.

Another good preventive maintenance task to have on your springtime checklist is to have your fluid levels checked. This should be done right around the time that you're getting an oil and filter change. Coolant should be your top priority, as it helps keep your engine from overheating and allows you to enjoy quality air conditioning while on those long road trips.

Getting your vehicle ready for the summer should be easy. If you need any of these services done, simply bring your vehicle into our shop today!