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Perfect gift for the motoring mom

If you’re reading this a day or two before Mother’s Day, I’m pretty sure you’re desperate for something quick and/or cheap for a special mom. I have an idea that is guaranteed to fit and probably won’t cost a thing: a vehicle safety check.

If you don’t even know how to lift the hood of a car you can still do this. Start by checking her tire pressure. Even the most un-mechanical mom has a tire pressure gauge in the glove compartment. If she does not, you can pick one up at any local discount store or drugstore. The tire pressure the engineers designed the car for can be found on the sticker on the driver’s doorjamb. If it’s low, run to a gas station and fill it up—but be careful not to overfill, especially with the hot days we have in the forecast next week.

Check her wiper blades for wear. If they are faded, splitting or tearing find an auto parts store and get the best pair you can afford. Quality does matter here and you want to be sure she can see in any blinding Overland Park spring rainstorm!

If you are semi-mechanical go ahead and lift the hood (be sure the vehicle is cool). Check her wiper fluid level and top if off. Check her oil, coolant, brake, and transmission fluid levels. If you see any discoloration or low reservoirs have your special mom call New Concept Auto Service to schedule a free inspection.

Finally, anyone at any level of mechanical prowess can operate a garden hose! Get out a bucket and give the car a good scrubbing, including the tires and wheels. I guarantee with this special treatment your mom will be bragging about how she was pampered and honored for Mother’s Day!