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5 Vehicle Noises You Should Never Ignore

After driving your vehicle day after day, you get accustomed to the way your vehicle runs and sounds. If you get into your car and start hearing strange or unusual noises, this is your vehicle's way of telling you that something isn't right. Depending on the noise and when you hear it, the issue could be big or small. The best way to determine the cause is by bringing your vehicle into the experts here at New Concept Auto Service. 

While any unusual car noise can be a cause for concern, here are the top 5 car noise that you should never turn a blind eye to: 

  1. Chirping or squealing sound from a tire - this can indicate a wheel bearing or axle problem. This can be dangerous because these issues can cause your wheel to come loose or lock up on the road. 
  2. Scraping or grinding noise while braking - this indicates that your brake pads are worn out. Never ignore a brake problem!
  3. Hissing sound coming from the engine - this points to a possible leak from the cooling system which can lead to engine overheating
  4. Clicking or tapping noise coming from the engine - points to an issue with oil pressure which can lead to engine overheating and damage
  5. Exhaust is making noises - this indicates an exhaust leak somewhere in the system which can cause an issue with emissions and put you and your passengers at risk for inhaling toxic fumes. 

As soon as you hear any of the noises listed above, bring your vehicle into the experts here at New Concept Auto Service. We will determine the source of the strange noise and ensure that your vehicle is repaired correctly and in a timely manner. Remember - never ignore these warning noises!