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My Parking Brake Is Stuck

You’ve been driving for years, so you don’t need anyone to remind you to use your parking brake. You value your car, thus protecting your car’s transmission from wear and tear is a number one priority. What happens when you try to disengage your parking brake to find that it’s completely stuck? Driving with your parking brake still up can damage your brake system and lead to costly repairs. What causes the parking brake to stick? 

The parking brake was left up for too long.

Your parking brake is only meant to be up for small windows of time. If you don’t plan on using your vehicle for a few days, it may be best to leave the parking brake down. Leaving your parking brake up for extended periods will cause it to be challenging to disengage. 

You pulled the parking brake too hard. 

If you used too much of your bicep when pulling your parking brake, you might have accidentally jammed it. Pulling the parking brake too hard can cause it to become stuck against your vehicle’s wheel drum walls. 

There may be rust or corrosion. 

Rust and corrosion may be harder to diagnose and challenging to see. If your vehicle is older, the parking brake can become corroded and rusty; this can also lead to your parking brake cables to become stuck. 

Cold weather can make the parking brake stick. 

In rare circumstances, severely cold weather can cause your parking brake to freeze in place. Warming your vehicle typically helps to disengage it. 

 To disengage your parking brake, try turning on your vehicle and gently revving your engine. The warm engine may help loosen the parking brake to help it release. If you tried multiple times to disengage your parking brake with no luck or suspect there might be rust, contact a tow driver and seek a professional inspection. Never drive a vehicle when the parking brake is still up. With regular wear and tear, your vehicle’s cables can become thin and specific pieces can get rusted. Trust the automotive experts to fix the problem as too much force can cause additional damage to your vehicle.