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How to Winterize Your Volvo

Winter is a test of perseverance for Volvo drivers and their automobiles. Often the car door might freeze shut, or the battery may die because it is too weak to hold a charge; Other times, you may struggle to de-ice your windshield and windows. And these are the troubles that can arise before you even get on the road. Roads may be slippery due to snow or ice, making the long list of winter driving challenges seem unmanageable.

As a Volvo owner, you should know the importance of keeping up with European vehicles. You can easily avoid most of the problems mentioned above with several preventative maintenance items. Some of these practices can make a world of difference when it comes to driving this winter. Here are some of our top 10 tips:

  1. Change your tires out for winter tires
  2. Test your tire pressure frequently
  3. Fill up on your fluids (windshield wiper, coolant, motor oil, etc.)
  4. Change your windshield wiper blades
  5. Clean your windshield
  6. Test your battery and recharge or replace if needed
  7. Adjust your headlights and make sure they work
  8. Run your car heater
  9. Ensure your brakes are functioning
  10. Store winter equipment in your vehicle (snow brush, ice scraper, snow chains, shovel, flashlight, batteries, jumper cables, etc.)

If you need assistance winterizing your Volvo, please do not hesitate to reach out to the automotive experts at New Concept Auto Service. Let us improve the safety and reliability of your Volvo. We are always looking out for your safety, no matter the season!