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How to Best Care For Your BMW

One should service a BMW vehicle after covering 7,500 miles or once a year. The due dates vary from one model of a BMW to another. Also, each BMW has a manual that provides more information on the schedule for servicing BMW. The manual helps users to track the last time the vehicle was serviced.

Regular servicing of BMW is essential, and there is no harm in frequent or even making an early appointment to a service center. The following are the crucial parts that should be frequently checked to ensure that the BMW is best-taken care of.

1. Engine

The engine is the first thing that should be frequently checked and taken for service. The BMW engine and other car engines are the heart of the car. Always check on the engine oil and adjust when necessary to avoid more significant problems with the car. Have the transmission of the BMW checked too.

2. Brakes

Make a habit of self-inspecting the BMW vehicle before leaving parking by checking whether the brakes are in good condition. Healthy brakes are crucial to safety. In case of faulty, we recommend our service technician at BMW of Mountain View that recommends flushing the system of the brakes after every two years.

3. Tires

Tires of a BMW are essential; regularly replacing and maintaining them is one of the best ways to take care of a BMW. One of the top causes of road accidents in the United States is damaged or faulty tires.

4. Steering system

Steering system positions and controls the BMW vehicle. Regular flushing of the steering fluid system keeps a BMW best an essential way to safety. To keep the steering system in good shape, replace the fluid system after covering every 60K miles to avoid contamination that results in steering failure.

5. Oil

Regular changing of oil is the best care that one can due to a BMW vehicle maintaining its health. Frequent checking and adjustments save BMW owners thousands of dollars in an auto shop after a reoccurrence of oil replacement failure. The BMW manual recommends that after every 12,000- 15,000-mile, oil should be changed to enable the BMW to get old while still ripe.

Other best care includes cleaning and inspecting body and sunroof, checking coolant levels, inspecting an electrical repair system such as indicators, and inspecting the health condition of the battery.

If you need BMW maintenance or repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to New Concept Auto Service today!




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