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Get your car ready for winter

Get your car ready for winter

That first cold snap of the year has come, and no one knows when the ice, snow, and frigid temperatures will hit Overland Park, Kansas. Here are some car maintenance items you should be thinking about before Mother Nature decides to turn down the thermostat even more.

Your defroster should be blowing warm. If it’s not, the first time precipitation meets up with cooler air you will really miss that windshield-clearing tool. Turn your defroster on when you first start the engine on a cold morning so the air will slowly warm up the glass. A sudden blast of hot air will sometimes crack the windshield along the bottom.

Your wipers should be tightened so they clear the windshield without skidding across the surface. Check for frayed ends and replace this inexpensive safety tool often. Once the ice and snow fall in Overland Park, if your wipers get stuck to the glass, don’t turn them on until the defroster has had time to thaw things out. Also make sure your washer squirters squirt, and that the washer reservoir is filled with low-temperature washer fluid.

Your tires should not look low. If your tires are low on pressure after the hot summer, the cold snap will cause a corroded wheel to seep air where the tire meets the rim. Don’t get stuck on the highway with a flat during a Kansas snowstorm.

The first cold spell will also cause weak batteries to fail, weak starters to give up, and weak alternators to finally trigger that pesky battery light. If your cooling system has been neglected over the years, then the weak gaskets and seals will start to leak as the temperature goes down. Once that process starts, it never gets better.

So prepare now and have all these things checked by your Overland Park auto technician next time you get your oil changed. That’s just standard operating procedure here at New Concept!


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