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Five reasons to have your car repaired where it was diagnosed

Team Auto Repair

We don’t guess. We diagnose.

This New Concept Auto Service motto grew out of the increasing number of customers who come to us because they can’t get an accurate diagnosis of their vehicles’ problems elsewhere. We are proud to be the “go-to” source for diagnosis. It wouldn’t even dawn on most of them to take their car to a place which can quote a cheaper price for repair. After all, they trust us for accurate mechanical or electrical troubleshooting, why not fixing the problems we find? From time to time we do have to deal with this issue. Here are some things we tell those who want to take their car to another shop:

Price should only be one factor of your decision.We do not aim to be the cheapest shop in town, we aim to be the best. It’s important to us that we use only the highest-quality parts for your vehicle, because we want you and your family to be as safe as possible. At New Concept Auto Service, we invest heavily in our technicians’ training and test equipment so they are able to perform their jobs better than average. The old phrase “you get what you pay for” is never truer than with auto repair.

You may get a different problem fixed. We diagnose and repair the symptom. Quite often someone will call and ask, “How much to replace this or that?” When I ask, “What are the symptoms you’re experiencing?” they might describe something that isn’t even related to “this or that.” Our techs are trained to focus on the customer’s symptoms first, no matter how minor, and then address any other issues they might find.

You may increase the time your car is in the shop. Any time you enter a shop’s repair queue you start at the bottom. If your vehicle is already in a bay at New Concept, and possibly even disassembled to some extent, you will likely have it back more quickly if we do the repair.

The highly-trained technician who made the diagnosis is equally able to make the repair. If your diagnosis has been a tricky one, likely you have made it to an ASE-certified Master Technician such as one of the three at New Concept Auto Service. Logically, the same tech who diagnosed the problem should perform the repair. This process instills accountability during the all-important final testing to confirm the repair has been made properly.

If the auto repair is a safety issue, you should not be driving it—even across the street. Sometimes a brake repair or some major problem will render a car absolutely unsafe. It’s not worth saving $30 to drive it across town or across the street when you may not end up arriving at all!