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Debunking five synthetic oil myths

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When an engine “burns a little oil,” you can usually trace that result to poor oil change services over its life. The opposite is also true. I took an old Honda apart one time to adjust the valves. The engine had always used full synthetic oil. At 150,000 miles, I could see my reflection in the cam lobe. It was perfectly polished like a mirror. I just smiled to myself and the valves hardly needed adjustment. This sold me on full synthetic.

At New Concept Auto Service, we recently announced our new oil change guidelines and a recommendation to most of our customers to switch to synthetic oil. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rumors and untruths floating around about synthetic. Here are my top five myths, with a little explanation:

  1. Once you switch to synthetic oil, there’s no going back.That is simply not true. So as long as you use the correct weight and quantity published by the car manufacturer, you can switch back and forth as much as you’d like. As New Concept Auto Service, we even stock the unusual types of oil for European cars like BMW, Volvo, and VW/Audi.
  2. New engines should start with traditional mineral based oil, then switch to synthetic. Absolutely not necessary. New vehicles are well equipped to be broken in with synthetic oil. In fact, many manufacturers ship vehicles from the factory with synthetic oil.
  3. A full synthetic oil change costs too much. Not true! Last year the cost for a synthetic oil change became less than twice the cost of a traditional mineral-based oil change, plus you can go twice as long between services, saving you time and money.
  4. Synthetic oil use in older cars will cause leaks. False. Modern synthetics are fully compatible with any age vehicle.
  5. Use of synthetic oil will void a new car warranty. Again, not true! All our oils—including synthetic—are high quality API-approved. And we always reset your oil reminder light and add a new window sticker.

We’re happy to see our new oil change recommendations being cheerfully embraced by our customers. Remember, if you take care of your car, your car will take care of you.


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