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Terrific transmission tips (Part II)

Transmission fluid does wear out. New fluid has a pink color to it and the old fluid will appear brown and emit a slight burnt smell. The color and smell are from the normal wear of the many clutch discs located in the heart of a transmission. Heat is the worst thing for transmission fluid—even the relatively mild temperatures here in good old Overland Park, Kansas, can cause problems. Elevated temperatures cause the fluid to lose its ability to withstand pressure when and where needed inside the transmission. This is why you find additional external coolers on many trucks and SUVs. Transmissions are mostly all built with the same fundamental concepts, and automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is manufactured by fewer petroleum companies than one would think. ATF base stock is much the same—it is the additives that make the final difference. With that in mind, we recommend flushing an automatic transmission every 30,000 miles for best life and performance. Many transmis ... read more