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Restoration fueled by fond memories

’m a car guy, gearhead, hot-rodder and enthusiast, and was fortunate to grow up during the late 60s muscle car era. To this day, I feel they stopped building great cars after 1972. My ride is a 1966 Chevrolet El Camino, which is the pickup truck version of the Chevelle. The story of how and why I unexpectedly ended up with the El Camino is an important chapter in my life. Here are the specs: The engine is an early 1990 small block Chevy with a Z28 profile roller cam of the same era. The Racing Head Service cylinderheads are reworked with epoxy downsized intake runners for better low end response; dual plane intake with flow work, Holley 650 carb, HEI ignition, header and two-and-a-quarter-inch dual exhaust. The lower end is pretty much stock, zero deck height and nicely balanced. The engine was designed for low rpm throttle response, good torque and fuel economy. The 700R4 transmission gives great off-the-stoplight acceleration, plus the OD and 3.73 rear gear combination makes fo ... read more