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Insider secrets for hot-weather driving

Summer has definitely arrived! The Weather Channel is actually reporting more than 4,000 daily record highs have been smashed in the last month. Last weekend here in Overland Park, Kansas, we hit 107, with no relief in sight. If we’ve ever needed hot-weather driving wisdom, it’s now! Here are a few tips you may have never heard of to keep you on the road safely and efficiently: Recirculate your air. Most air conditioning systems have a mode for fresh air and one called recirc (or max). In fresh air mode, the system takes 100 degree outside air and tries to cool it down to 40 degrees. Recirc keeps recycling the cold air inside your vehicle, and is easier on your air conditioning system. So, periodically cycle to fresh air (especially when travelling with smelly relative) but mostly leave it on recirc. In the spring and fall, I always use fresh mode. Fill your tank. Your fuel pump is an electric motor that runs constantly, and tends to heat up just like any motor ... read more


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