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Don’t waste your time on LinkedIn

Don’t waste your time on LinkedIn

LinkedIn announced yesterday that it posted record second quarter financial and operating results – including a 59 percent increase in revenue over the second quarter of last year. Two new users join LinkedIn every second. It is clearly the place to be and be seen for people who have jobs, need jobs, or own businesses. So how do you leverage this burgeoning resource without it becoming another time-waster? Post a profile picture. Profiles without photos have the distinct feel that one of your kids created the account and you don’t even know how to log in. Don’t approve a connection without a photo as a general rule, because too many faceless connections makes your network appear hinky. Fill in your profile completely. Like it or not, this is your new resume. One new job hunting trend is to use a LinkedIn URL in lieu of a street address on resumes. Don’t use like buzzwords like “responsible” or “effective,” but mention specific, measurable accomplishments. Ask for help ... read more


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