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Small details make big mileage impact

Small details make big mileage impact

If you are one of our great Facebook fans, you may have noticed the “Classic ’60s project” photo album we put up in the last couple weeks. I rebuilt and tuned a 383 Stroker Chevy V8, delivered it to North Carolina in my 1966 El Camino, and installed it in a customer’s 1968 Chevelle. Along the way I made it a goal to get the best gas mileage possible. Just coincidentally, I ran across this list which validated the very steps I took to save gas. It was written by shop owner Pam Oakes of Pam’s Motor City in Florida. She is also the author of “The Lady Mechanic’s Total Car Care for the Clueless: A Manual for Car Owners.” 1.) Make a quarter tank your new “empty.” Fuel going below a quarter tank is not healthy for the fuel pump. Fuel pumps generate heat. Keeping your tank above one-quarter full keeps the pump submerged. Liquid fuel is better at transferring heat than air. Keep your fuel pump happy, your vehicle’s fuel economy happy, and your bank account happy by keeping fuel in ... read more


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