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Electrical diagnosis requires a good listener

Electrical diagnosis requires a good listener

Recently we had a new customer drop of his Overland Park Acura with an electrical issue. Intermittently, the radio lights would go out and the radio/interior light fuse would blow. It did not seem to be related to driving over bumps or turning anything on or off. The customer would replace the fuse, go to work in the morning and find by the time he got home after dark, the lights were out. He had purchased a package of fuses and kept replacing them until it became too much of a hassle. Initially he took the car to another Kansas City auto shop where they found some frayed wires in the driver’s door jamb. The wires were repaired, but the problem persisted. Thinking it may be the radio, he took his car to a stereo shop where they completely disconnected the radio again to no avail. The stereo shop, which we do a bit of business with, referred him to us. I really enjoy tackling these types of electrical issues. They are sometimes a challenge, but if we follow our step-by-step proce ... read more

No shortcuts to diagnosing shorts

No radio makes for tough day at the beach – logically. I have a dear friend named Kurt that I have known for many years. Kurt is a mechanical engineer like me and we have spent much time discussing at length the whys and what-fors of most anything mechanical or electrical. How do you think this works? Why did someone design this so poorly? How much does this weigh? I love to engage in these logic-centered conversations and he is the perfect friend to share them with. Anyhow, Kurt’s wife and three young boys were planning a trip to the South Carolina beach near their home on Sunday and the radio quit working in the minivan Saturday morning. Kurt called me around noon Saturday to discuss the scenario. He found the radio fuse under the dash was blown. With a few simple tools, he logically disconnected the radio, replaced the fuse, but it blew again when he switched on the key. He called when I was sitting at my Overland Park shop with access to the factory wiring diagr ... read more