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Four sure signs your brakes need service

Although we’re already halfway through Brake Safety Awareness Month here Overland Park, I can’t resist telling a little cautionary tale about the importance of regular brake service. One cloudy morning a new customer brought his car into New Concept with the ubiquitous “they’re making a funny noise” description of his brakes. I was working in the shop that day so opted to do the test drive and initial inspection. I started the car and took off through the parking lot to take the usual test drive loop. As I rolled past McDonalds and realized I would have to stop before turning onto busy 87th Street, I gently pressed on the brakes, listening intently for the “funny noise.” Nothing. And by nothing I mean not only no noise—no brakes. The pedal went all the way to the floor and I kept moving toward the busy cross traffic. Fortunately, I quickly realized I was going slowly enough the emergency brake could stop the car without damaging anything (if you pull the emergency br ... read more