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Car maintenance by the numbers

Did you say 84%?

A recent study conducted by the non-profit Car Care Council confirmed what any car repair technician could have told you – almost every vehicle on the road is need of some sort of maintenance. During last year’s car care events a full 84 percent of vehicles failed at least one aspect of the inspections. For some reason, that number is up five whole percentage points over the same study done the year before.

Here are the top culprits when it comes to overdue car maintenance:

  • Low washer fluid
  • Low or dirty motor oil
  • Low, leaky or degraded coolant
  • Low or dirty power steering fluid
  • Low or dirty brake fluid
  • Low or discolored transmission fluid
  • Dirty air filter
  • Worn belts and hoses
  • Corroded battery cables, terminals and clamps
  • Worn out windshield wipers
  • Burned out lights
  • Worn and improperly inflated tires

In addition, 13 percent of cars inspected had a “check engine” light on which was being ignored by the owner.

Why does any of this matter? Besides the obvious safety and reliability risks every time you take off down the road with worn belts and tires or leaking coolant, regular car maintenance can save you money. Those who follow a maintenance program are less likely to have a breakdown and require more expensive emergency repair. Properly maintained cars also maintain better resale value.

We are here to help. On an annual basis, when you bring your vehicle into New Concept Auto Service, we perform a comprehensive visual inspection. We send out regular reminders so you never have to miss a scheduled maintenance service again. So listen to the facts, and give us a call today.