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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Are your air bags counterfeit?

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently issued a consumer safety advisory regarding counterfeit air bags. These air bags, which look exactly like the original equipment parts, may be affecting a tenth of a percent of the cars on our roads. In an accident they may discharge shrapnel at the driver, or even fail to deploy. Those who need to pay attention to this serious matter include anyone who has had an air bag replaced in the last three years; anyone who has purchased a used car that may have had its air bags deployed; or anyone with a vehicle title stating “salvage,” “rebuilt,” or “reconstructed.” You should be particularly concerned if you or your auto technician have purchased an air bag from a non-certified source such as eBay, especially if the cost was less than $400. The NHTSA says these air bags are being sold by “organized criminals” who don’t give a hoot about your safety or that of your f ... read more

Overland Park fall auto safety

Even though the leaves in Overland Park are just beginning to change, this week’s snowstorms in the Upper Midwest should be a reminder to us all that autumn is here. Of course this means more nighttime driving and a re-acclimation to frosty roads and foggy highways. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to switch gears to fall road conditions as safely as possible: Be aware of fading daylight. We lose one minute of daylight every day this month! Make a mental note to turn your headlights on earlier and reduce your speed in places frequented by pedestrians or wildlife. And on the other end of the spectrum, fall sunrises can be blinding.Be sure you have a pair of sunglasses handy before beginning your commute. Examine your headlights. Be sure to keep your auto headlights meticulously clean and bright for optimal performance. Wipe them down every time you clean your car’s windshield. You should also examine them for yellowing, fog or scratches, which can ... read more


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