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Are you giving today?

After the whirlwind of the long weekend and all the shopping, it’s refreshing to have a day carved out for giving to those who can’t give back. “Giving Tuesday” is being launched today as “charities, families, businesses and individuals are coming together to transform the way people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.” The great thing about giving is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. Here atNew Concept Auto Service in Overland Park, Paul sets a great tone for giving. From the seasonal contests with free oil changes, tire rotation services, and other giveaways he provides, to donating scrap metal and wheels to recyclers, to contributing his time to community support groups and school programs, we are thankful that the culture at New Concept is a generous one. Even in the suburban bubble of Overland Park and the surrounding cities in Johnson County, there is great need. We’ve all heard of the Kansas City Rescue Mission and the City Union Missio ... read more

Get your car ready for winter

Get your car ready for winter

That first cold snap of the year has come, and no one knows when the ice, snow, and frigid temperatures will hit Overland Park, Kansas. Here are some car maintenance items you should be thinking about before Mother Nature decides to turn down the thermostat even more. Your defroster should be blowing warm. If it’s not, the first time precipitation meets up with cooler air you will really miss that windshield-clearing tool. Turn your defroster on when you first start the engine on a cold morning so the air will slowly warm up the glass. A sudden blast of hot air will sometimes crack the windshield along the bottom.Your wipers should be tightened so they clear the windshield without skidding across the surface. Check for frayed ends and replace this inexpensive safety tool often. Once the ice and snow fall in Overland Park, if your wipers get stuck to the glass, don’t turn them on until the defroster has had time to thaw things out. Also make sure your washer squirters squirt, an ... read more


Cold Weather

Prepare your car for emergencies

We have all been glued to the news of Hurricane Sandy this week, praying for family and friends on the East Coast. And even though here in the Midwest we don’t have hurricanes to deal with, it is a stark reminder that natural disasters strike in all regions and we are not immune. So what can you do to protect your family from potential harm from a tornado, blizzard or flood? In Overland Park, we know that it’s never too early for a winter car tune-up (Remember the October surprise of ’96?). And even though modern technology keeps monster storms from sneaking up on us, Mother Nature often likes to remind us who is in control (Remember the flash flood of ’98?). At New Concept we always recommend keeping your gas tank at least half full, which provides the double benefit of being good for your car and keeping you prepared. If you have been putting off having us explore that engine knock, buying new tires, or even getting your oil changed, remember that you won’t have time to g ... read more