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A wagon by any other name

A wagon by any other name

I was in my hometown of WaKeeney, Kansas, recently to visit a friend. He was restoring an early 60’s Chevy station wagon, which brought back some vivid childhood memories of my mother. She was quite the industrious woman, always on the go and always hauling something around. She had three wagons, all with distinct purposes: The Candy Wagon. This was a brown, late 60’s Ford. She drove this to one of several small towns to service laundromats she owned. Every laundry in those days had both a coin operated pop and candy machine. One of my jobs was to service and refill both machines while my uncle Donnie performed repairs on the washers and dryers. I learned how a periodic little drop of oil in just the right spot kept those fascinating mechanisms working. I discovered it’s always the dime that gets stuck because it’s the smallest. The back of this Ford was full of tools and replacement parts for the washers and dryers, PLUS boxes of candy and cases o ... read more


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