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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The sleek Saturn sedan saga

We recently had a Saturn towed to our shop with very low power and an engine making a tapping noise. The customer was referred by an existing customer who trusts us. The customer stated he recently bought the car from a coworker who had taken great care of it. The car was clean and looked great—a sleek black sedan. The car was heading north out of KC when it slowly began to lose power and finally just quit. It was towed to a Saturn-qualified dealership. The dealership told him the catalytic converters (CATs, part of the exhaust used to keep the air clean) were plugged up and the replacement cost would be great. They actually recommended (for unknown reasons) that he take it to a local chain store exhaust shop where he could save some money. The exhaust shop replaced the CATs as requested by the customer. The customer then paid his bill, drove the car a short distance, just to find the same problem of low power and now a few more lights on the dash, and a tapping noise. Th ... read more