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New Concept Auto Service's Response to COVID-19

New Concept Auto Service's Response to COVID-19

As a valued customer of NCAS, we appreciate the trust you place in us and our employees to take care of your vehicle.  With the current COVID-19 spread we need to stay calm and be smart about how we handle our daily tasks. That is why we want to update you with the steps we are taking to ensure your health and safety when your vehicle is in our care or when you walk through our lobby.  There is no higher priority to NCAS than the Safety of our Customers and Employees. We stay updated with the very latest information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), medical professionals, and government agencies.  We are closely following the CDC's guidelines and recommendations on the steps we can take to help prevent the spread of the virus. We have shared specific instructions with our employees on the importance of washing their hands and staying home if they feel sick. We are taking extra precautions by sanitizing ... read more

When Do My Brake Calipers Need to Be Replaced?

Depending on the model of your car, you will have disc brakes installed in the front of your vehicle and possibly in the back of your vehicle, as well. When you press down on the brake pedal, brake fluid is pushed through the master cylinder to your brake calipers. The brake fluid uses hydraulic pressure to press the piston inside the caliper, which will in turn press your brake pads against the rotors, slowing down or stopping your vehicle.  Over time, brake calipers can become rusty and contaminated, and begin to leak brake fluid - a vital part of your brake system. This is because the brake calipers actually absorb a ton of heat generated from the brake system, which can cause the seals inside the calipers to wear down. So, when do your brake calipers need to be replaced? Typically, it is recommended that they are replaced during a major brake service. However, your vehicle's owner's manual will also provide a recommendation for how often this service should be perform ... read more

5 Vehicle Noises You Should Never Ignore

After driving your vehicle day after day, you get accustomed to the way your vehicle runs and sounds. If you get into your car and start hearing strange or unusual noises, this is your vehicle's way of telling you that something isn't right. Depending on the noise and when you hear it, the issue could be big or small. The best way to determine the cause is by bringing your vehicle into the experts here at New Concept Auto Service.  While any unusual car noise can be a cause for concern, here are the top 5 car noise that you should never turn a blind eye to:  Chirping or squealing sound from a tire - this can indicate a wheel bearing or axle problem. This can be dangerous because these issues can cause your wheel to come loose or lock up on the road.  Scraping or grinding noise while braking - this indicates that your brake pads are worn out. Never ignore a brake problem! Hissing sound coming from the engine - this points to a possible leak from the cooling sy ... read more