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All in the family


Kansas If you live in Overland Park close to the shop you should be receiving another beautiful New Concept Auto Service postcard in the mail this week. Polly’s creative juices were really flowing as she created the message for this card, centered on a fun “summer’s here” theme with a convertible 1965 Chevelle Super Sport as the centerpiece.

The photo shoot on Mother’s Day in Shawnee Mission Park turned out to be a family affair. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew agreed to join us for the madness. Polly found the location, which was just a parking lot adjacent to the main drag through the park. She color coordinated our shirts and did my hair and makeup, selected props, and staged the photo.

During the shoot there was a constant flow of people driving by on this beautiful Sunday. We got a few honks from several other classic cars out with their proud owners—an early ‘60s Caddy convertible, an early ‘70s Ford Torino, what I think was an old Studebaker, and what’s called an “early” Bronco with four teens having the time of their life. Just across the street, families were cooking out, kids were running around, and guys were biking in their fancy outfits.

The park police drove by twice during the hour and a half we were there. The first time they gave us a long look at how we were parallel parked. The second time we got a thumbs up. The parking strip was empty for about a hundred feet. We had to roll ahead at one time because a family of four decided to sit in the grass and watch us, but did not realize we were shooting. There is a Frisbee golf course just above the grassy knoll, so occasionally the 20-somethings would enter the scene. When done, the five of us took a lap around the park and received many looks, waves, and more honks.

We’ve posted some of the “outtakes” on our Facebook page so check that out at http://facebook.com/new.concept.auto.service.

Paul and Polly strike a pose.


Team New Concept