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A newfound respect for Hollywood

  • I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that movie stars and TV journalists made their jobs look easier than they really are. Last weekend I had that suspicion confirmed.
  • While producing some videos for both our You Tube channel and our October 13 open house, I learned that there is more than I could have imagined that goes on behind the scenes! I also learned that for every minute of good video there are at least 15 minutes of stage preparation, script review and practice runs. At first I didn’t buy my marketing team’s warning that each three- to five-minute segment would take about an hour to produce (I thought surely that was an overestimation). But after three hours in front of the camera they had made a believer out of me.
  • In the end, we came up with some interesting explanations about what goes on when we perform fuel injector service, as well as when we flush your coolant or transmission systems. We’ve posted a sneak peek, and after my screen debut at our open house, we’ll put these all up on You Tube.
  • Since it’s clear that Internet usage is now trending heavily toward video, we will continue to add to our Web presence with more about how you can optimize your car’s life and performance. Stay tuned!
  • Polly sets up the shot while Paul reviews his lines.

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