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5 Signs Your Audi Engine Is Going Bad

A healthy engine for your Audi is the secret to preserving your vehicle. Once your Audi reaches a certain age, it loses some of its reliability. Therefore, you should keep up with your regular maintenance to reduce engine problems. Plus, it would be helpful to know the signs of a failing engine. 

Sign #1: Illuminated Check Engine Light

This yellow dashboard warning light comes on when your Audi's computer detects engine problems. Although it may come on as an inconvenience like a loose gas cap, you still need a professional engine diagnostic test to be sure. 

Sign #2: Unusual Noises

Over the months and years of driving your Audi, you understand how it operates and sounds. Whenever you catch a suspicious sound coming from the engine, like knocking, grinding, and squealing, please seek professional help immediately. 

Sign # 3: Decreased Performance

Although it's typical for an older Audi to decline its performance, drastic changes should be a cause for concern. For example, if you struggle to accelerate or your engine stalls, it could mean that your engine needs repairs. Therefore, you should seek an Audi expert's advice when you notice a drop in performance.

Sign #4: Lowered Gas Mileage

Last but not least, inefficiency can be a huge indicator that there is an issue in the compression stroke of your Audi engine. In this case, a fuel system service may fix your problem. We can run diagnostic tests, too, while you're at New Concept Auto Service.


For honest and reliable Audi services, including engine repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit New Concept Auto Service in Overland Park, KS. We offer a 3 year/36,000 mile nationwide warranty on qualified services.




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