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5 Major Benefits of an Engine Flush

Engine flushes are not well-known maintenance items; however, they’re essential when it comes to car care. Dirt is a significant pollutant that can decrease the life of a vehicle. A vehicle’s engine is complex and consists of several moving parts. Any contamination in the engine lubrication can cause premature wear. An engine flush is like a detox, but for your vehicle. Choosing to do an engine flush can boost performance and prepare your car to drive several thousand miles. 

Over time dirt and debris accumulate inside the engine. An engine flush is the process of removing any accumulated deposits and sludge within the engine that has formed over time. The best time to complete this service is before an oil change. During an engine flush, an expert technician pours a chemical solution into the engine. As your vehicle is left idling, the solution cleans the engine. The dirty oil is flushed and discarded, while new oil is poured in. Engine flushes serve several significant functions; below are five reasons you should consider an engine flush during your next oil change: 

It Removes Harmful Sludge and Deposits
When you take your vehicle for a spin, each drive causes gunk and pollutants to accumulate in the engine. Over time this engine sludge can cause quicker wear and tear. It reduces engine power in addition to fuel economy. An engine flush removes the thick sludge deposits leaving a clean engine and a boost in performance.

It Maintains the Life of Your New Oil.
Clean oil in a dirty engine doesn’t remain clean for very long. The new oil can pick up the pollutants left behind from the old oil. It’s best to have all build-up flushed out to allow the engine to start on a clean slate. 

All Engine Parts Are Cleaned.
Some engine parts are challenging to access. The engine flush tackles this problem head-on by reaching all component engine parts and freeing them of debris. If the engine’s main moving parts are clean, they’re able to be adequately lubricated and move smoothly. The engine flush helps remove the pollutants the engine filter misses. 

Minimizes Harmful Emissions
Carbon deposits can accumulate in a piston ring and cause the rings to stick. Oil can end up in the hot combustion chamber and burn. Eventually, exhaust emissions occur as oil exits the tailpipe. An engine flush cleans stuck rings and minimizes oil consumption; this helps minimize harmful emissions. 

Increase in Fuel Efficiency
Any contaminants circulating in the engine can increase resistance for the engine's moving parts. In turn, the engine works harder and wastes more fuel. An engine flush with a high-quality cleaner flush keeps the engine’s moving parts moving efficiently. A professional engine flush maximizes fuel economy.

Engine Flush Service in Overland Park, KS

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