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3 Of The Best Affordable Porsche’s - Sedan, SUV, and Coupe

No matter what you are looking for, a Porsche is always a good choice. But what about the price, you might ask - we are here to help. Down below, we gave you three affordable Porsche options, a sedan, SUV, and sport coupe. In the end, we will also give you a few honorable mentions in our opinion.

A Great Sedan - The 2015/2016 Porsche Panamera

While it is an older model, it makes up in performance and price. The 2015/2016 Porsche Panamera is a 4/5 door sedan offering a luxurious interior with storage space in the back and power in the front. It comes with a 3.6L V6 engine pushing out 310 HP making it fairly fast for a family car. Of course, being a Porsche, it has a wide variety of trims. One of the most powerful is the Turbo S package - 570.0 HP, 4.8L, 8-Cyl Engine, which is a big upgrade. 

The car is reliable, and the maintenance costs are very good. You can find it online for around $40,000 up to $80,000 for the spaced-out versions. 

The Unexpectedly Licable SUV - Porsche Cayenne 2010-2023

Back in 2002, Porsche started producing SUVs, so they are also in the increasing market. We recommend skipping the first production years and starting picking a Cayenne from 2010 up. Most people say that at first, they didn't like the Cayenne from the outside and that they thought it would be bad. Over time, while driving the SUV more and more, owners really started to like it - it's comfortable, very spacious, and luxurious. 

The second and third generations, which are made from 2010 to today, come with V6 and V8 engines, even hybrid options with the newest ones in the line-up. 
Consider giving it a look if you are looking for a good spacious vehicle that also comes with a punch of Porsche power.

Affordable But Still Truly Porsche - The Porsche Cayman S 987c Coupe

The Porsche Cayman S 987c has the iconic Porsche siloed. Smooth lines, beautiful curves, and a two-door design. It's luxurious as all Porsches, yet sporty.
Now, let's move on to numbers. It's equipped with the iconic Boxster 6-cyl engine making 295 Hp and 251 lb-ft. It comes with either an automatic or manual transmission - we recommend the manual for the real sporty feel. If the numbers seem a little too low, keep in mind that it only weighs 2976 lbs - its 0-60 is only 4.8s.

 You can find them for as little as $25,000-30,000, which is perfect for a first-time sports car owner.

Porsche has a variety of vehicles aimed at speed and luxury, which can be the perfect fit for you. Look around for the best deals and specs online, and if you have the opportunity to test drive them, go for it!