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3 Common Misconceptions About Audi Repairs

The automotive industry has always been filled with myths for as long as anyone can remember, specifically regarding auto repairs. In most circumstances, Audi owners are led to believe that they're only ever allowed to take their vehicle to the dealership for maintenance and repair. However, sometimes that option isn't always feasible or best in quality. As a consumer, you have the choice to get your vehicle serviced wherever you want. Here are three of the most popular myths surrounding auto repairs for Audis:

Myth #1: Your Warranty With Audi Will Be Voided If You Take It Anywhere Else

One of Audi owners' most significant concerns is their warranty. They are led to believe that if you go anywhere else that Audi will void the warranty. However, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 was instated to change the game. Under this ruling, car manufacturers can no longer tell their vehicle owners to take their car for service or repairs.

Myth #2: The Dealership Offers More Services At A Better Deal

The Audi dealership often upcharges their services just because they have Audi in its name. And the quality of the service depends on the person who is working on your car. At independent shops like New Concept Auto Service, we perform the same service and repairs for a fraction of the price. We focus on our relationships with our customers to guarantee you high-quality, personalized service.

Myth #3: Audis Are Costly to Maintain

You may have heard stories that Audis and other European cars are more expensive to upkeep than domestic ones. While its parts may sometimes cost more due to import costs, the cost of maintaining your Audi is not far off from any other car. As long as you stick to the factory maintenance schedule and follow the owner manual's guidance, your vehicle will run for a long while.


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